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About Obninsk

The conference is held on the basis of the Institute of Physics and Power Engineering (IPPE) in a pictorial park area of Obninsk (Kaluga Region). Obninsk is situated 107 km from Moscow. Local trains run regularly from Moscow. Obninsk town was founded simultaneously with building of First Nuclear Power Plant. Now Obninsk is one of the biggest scientific centers for the complex studying of problems in nuclear energy using and application. The scientific centers are the most important part of the town. In addition to the IPPE and First NPP, there are the institutes, which deal with medical and agricultural radiology, radiochemistry, and meteorology. The symbol of the town is the 300 meters meteorological tower named in honor of the academician E.K.Fedorov. The activity of I.V.Kurchatov, D.I.Blokhintsev, A.I.Leypunsky is related to the name of Obninsk. Many famous Russian artists have spent their vacation in Bugry dacha (now Konchalovskie Gory), among them S.Rakhmaninov, F.Shalyapin, P.Konchalovsky, K.Korovin, P.Korin, A.Dovzhenko, A.Nezhdanova, A.Fadeev. Obninsk is surrounded by historical places. Kaluga, Borovsk, Maloyaroslavets, Tarutino, Tarusa are famous historical places. The art of Tarusa fancy-workers is known in the whole world. Many historical personalities are related to Obninsk - czar Boris Godunov, archpriest Avvakum and boyar's wife Morozova, field-marshal Kutuzov and Emperor Napoleon, poet A.S.Pushkin and writer N.V.Gogol', mathematician P.L.Chebyshev, scientist K.E.Tsiolkovsky, marshal G.K.Zhukov, painter V.D.Polenov, architect V.P.Bazhenov and others.Circumstantial information about Obninsk can be found at the city web site:

Web-master: Naumenko Michael

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